Part I: Take Control of Your Life

Understanding Feelings Emotions and Impulses

“You create your own universe as you go along.”

Winston Churchill

Do you sometimes feel like you’re on autopilot?

Do you sometimes feel like no one’s steering?

If you were a starship and your emotions the navigation system, could you understand it and use it to reach the stars?

Imagine unpacking your emotional baggage and learning to live lighter. Imagine you’re an airplane, or a spaceship. You’re also the pilot. The pilot needs to be present, clear minded, focused. He or she needs to know where they’re going, and what the priorities are. In our case, emotions play a huge role in navigating our lives.

Our feelings, impulses, and emotions are the foundations of our most primitive survival system. Much of it is difficult to put into words and to describe in any type of clear, consistent way. Most people are confused about their feelings. Learning how we can let go and move past negative or destructive emotions and impulses from the past, and to do this more easily in the future helps us to be more effective and happy in life.

By listening to this workshop, you will learn to understand your emotions. You will understand where in your body you feel impulses and emotions, and what these body sensations are saying to you. You will learn how to tell specifically when to listen and act upon your emotions and impulses and when not to. You will learn why we have emotions, and how they can not only increase our odds for survival, but also the likelihood of our thriving and finding passion, wisdom, and fulfillment in our lives.

As you learn to take control and navigate your own spaceship, you can learn to create a flight plan, and have a much better idea about your destination. Each section will provide valuable gems that you should collect and hold on to. At first they appear to be simple rocks. However when you crack them open and apply them regularly you will see magical changes in your life, and the lives of those around you.

Understanding our emotions within a vacuum would not be enough. To be effective in life, we must understand our emotions within the greater context of our relationships to other people, to our society, and to the universe.

To make this clear, we consider emotions in relation to the following four categories or spheres:

  • Biology — our body and our brain
  • Psychology — the way we think, the beliefs we formed growing up
  • Social setting — our family, environment, society, supports
  • Spirituality — consciousness and connection with a larger picture, through time, space, and purpose, with or without a higher power.

All of these categories influence each other. This presentation will not only teach you about your emotions, but also expand the discussion to show how utilizing your emotions more effectively will help strengthen you in each of these other categories — and how that will be valuable to you.

Mind Gem #1: Strengthen yourself biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually.

My goal is to help you to optimize your psychological effectiveness. It’s not about therapy, it’s about self growth.

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