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The Potent Mind is a comprehensive model for Psychological Wellness and Effectiveness, within a life that is balanced and enriched Biologically, Emotionally and Mentally, Socially, and Spiritually.

The program is available as a 2-disc Audio CD, a book, and a series of podcasts which can be sampled, purchased, and downloaded here.

The model opens a whole new world of Psychological Wellness which we can all actively work toward. Most of us are not taught what to do with our emotions. Most of us are not taught what we can do to be more psychologically present, clear, and effective. Most of us are not taught how to have a balanced and fulfilled life biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. TPM lays out and teaches you all of this, via the audio, and the upcoming workbook with exercises, diagrams, and tables.

This course will help you understand your self, your feelings, and your life through new perspectives. You can learn to lessen and then release your emotional “baggage.” Through TPM you will learn new ways of thinking and acting which will make you more effective in everything you do. You can have a Potent Life.

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