Doctors and Therapists

Dear Doctors and Therapists,

The Potent Mind was developed to help people understand their emotions, and how to use that information to change their lifestyles and be more effective. I’ve had great training at UCLA and other places, but I’ve always found this important piece missing — in training for therapists, in therapy for patients, and in life for most of us growing up.

To understand the value of our emotions we have to consider how they relate to our body, our psychology and thinking, socialization and spirituality. Emotions have survival value, and can help us find fulfillment. Understanding and utilizing our emotions wisely can help us to be more effective in life. Untwisting and unloading emotions held from childhood can be liberating and free up the mind.

Understanding and expressing emotions clearly is a lot easier than people think, and simple to teach. There’s a lot that goes with that however, which the CD gets into. Many people will need help with this. The CD provides a starting point for discussion. It will likely facilitate psychotherapy. If you have patients or clients with depression or anxiety, panic attacks, self-esteem problems or even personality disorders the CD is basic and introduces people to the concept of self-help and self-improvement, and actively working to improve their lifestyles and self-care. I purposely tried to blur the line between illness and wellness.

Wellness is the same as relapse prevention.

The program is designed to supplement individual or group therapy, as well as for people who might not think they need therapy. If you listen to it I think you’ll find a lot of points for discussion with your patients or clients and I hope you’ll encourage them to try it themselves.

Volume discounts are available please e-mail me at or call (510)-545-3348

Dr. Gelbart

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