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Which Tool When? (Written for Psychiatrists- but you can read it!)

We collaborate with the patient to set treatment goals and outline a roadmap to achieve them. In addition to medication management and psychotherapy that we may offer in our practice, there are many other resources available to augment and enhance our treatment plan. As Psychiatrists we’re in the best position to coordinate treatment and draw […]

Synergies #5: Focusing On the Positive

Originally published in NCPS, June 2009 A lot of anxiety, depression, and even psychotic symptoms relate to how patients see themselves, how they judge themselves. Usually a core problem is black or white thinking, that one is either good or bad, normal or not normal, worthy or unworthy. This belief system that comes from childhood […]

Synergies #4: Teaching The Patient To Swim

The goal of psychotherapy is wellness. For some, that includes “fixing a disorder.” For others, perhaps taking a medication for life. Either way wellness is the goal. Wellness practice (WP) is prioritization of behaviors that put the individual’s basic physical and emotional needs first. This includes exercise and healthy nutritional habits, setting up boundaries that […]

Synergies #3: Mindfulness and Psychiatric Treatment

Previous articles in this column have described the benefits of mobilizing the patient in the direction of lifestyle changes and prioritizing self care.  Development of “healthy routines” in the areas of Biological, Psychological, Social, and Spiritual needs is THE crucial element of “Wellness” or “Fitness.” Relapse prevention is an important part of our work.  Teaching […]

What Is the Potent Mind?

The Potent Mind encompasses the work of Jerry H. Gelbart M.D., a Northern California Psychiatrist and author. His focus is on teaching us how to get more out of life. His approach is a combination of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, DBT, and Mindfullness, within a model that incorporates Biological, Psychological, Social, and Spiritual health.

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